Interworld Electronics has released the mPCIe-IIRO Series Digital I/O cards from ACCES I/O Products.  The mPCIe-IIRO Series includes 8 or 4 channel Isolated Digital Input and Relay Outputs cards with Change-of-State detection in a PCI Express Mini Card format. The mPCIe-IIRO Series allows Digital I/O functionality to be added to modern small footprint embedded computer systems where PCI Express Mini Card slots have become preferred expansion bus.
The mPCIe-IIRO-8 consists of a type F1 PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) interface board that connects to a Mobile-ITX-sized, DB-37M Isolation Module via an included 230mm cable. That module is designed to be easily panel-mounted in any application environment. It uses the high speed PCI Express bus to transfer digital data to and from the card. The digital I/O is compatible with 8255 PPI chips making it easy to program. The advanced features enabled by the onboard FPGA logic allow the cards to perform Change-of-State (COS) detection and to provide interrupt capabilities that relieve software from polling routines that can consume valuable processing time.
The non-polarized inputs support both AC and DC, and configuration jumpers allow input filters to be enabled per-channel. The isolated inputs support voltages from 3 to 31 VDC/VAC RMS [40Hz to 10000Hz], as well as standard 12/24 AC control transformer signals.
Outputs provide access to five Form C (SPDT) and three Form A (SPST) electromechanical relays capable of 1A continuous-current load.
The mPCIe-IIRO Series is excellent for use in a variety of applications where on-board relays are required and the digital inputs must be isolated.

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