The CPM-1600 Series provides secure remote access to RS232 console ports as well as the ability to power cycle remote IT equipment. The CPM-1600 Series provides sixteen RJ45 serial ports and sixteen reboot power outlets.
Perfect for medium to large sized server rooms, the CPM-1600 delivers security, accessibility and control of critical network equipment via a secure Ethernet connections. Power switching capabilities include outlet sequencing with delays, scheduled outlet switching or rebooting and ping-no-answer monitoring with auto rebooting.
The CPM-1600 Series offers a range of model options including Single and Dual Ethernet ports, Internal Modem, optional 4G LTE Modem support, Current Monitoring and Automatic Power Transfer Switching. Models are available with one or more of the above options.
Security options including: SSHv2 encryption, address-specific IP security masks and multi-level passwords. Remote authentication is also supported.
The CPM-1600 monitors network equipment, constantly watching for significant changes. Network managers can be notified via SNMP trap or email if invalid access attempts occur, temperature limits are exceeded, port buffers are full, ping-no-answer and other events are detected.

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