Monitor and manage environmental and security conditions over IP
The ENVIROMUX® Environment Monitoring System with 1-Wire Sensor Interface monitors critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke. 1-Wire Sensors all connect to the same CAT5 cable via 3-way RJ11 jacks. The resulting daisy chain of sensors all communicate with the E-1W over a single cable.
The E-1W provides two ports supporting 12 single reading 1-wire sensors on each port. Any combination of sensors can be connected to each port. The Sensors are also hot pluggable allowing the system to be re-configured without taking it off line. In addition the E-1W provide 2 digital inputs that can be used to sense contact closures.
The E-1W also supports up to 4 IP network video surveillance cameras to provide a live view of any facility.
Provide early warnings before critical events turn into disaster
When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email, web page or Simple Network Management (SNMP).
Sensor conditions can be configured to trigger alerts by themselves, and/ or be used in combination with other alerts to trigger one Smart Alert.  In this way complex scenarios can be programmed to determine when and alert should triggered.
The E-1W allows network administrators to monitor critical network infrastructure. By using the (ping) command the E-1W monitors up to 4 IP network devices, constantly checking to see if they are on-line, and generates alerts if the devices fail to respond.
Independent operation or remote slave unit
The E-1W functions as stand-alone monitoring system or as an IP-connected remote sensor for the more advanced E-2D/5D/16D Enterprise monitoring systems.

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