Replace one or more internal drive bays with an ICY DOCK Internal Drive Cage allowing up to five 3.5" hard drives to be mounted in the space that was previously occupied by three standard 5.25" drive bays.

Designed for RAID and Non-RAID system storage the ICY DOCK Internal Drive Cages support 6Gbps SATA or 12Gbps SAS Hot-Swap removable drive bays

Models are available with a range of features including:
  • RAID Backplanes,
  • Advanced environment monitoring functions and alarms,
  • Shock absorption to further stabilizes the drive and absorbs vibrations,
  • Vents for optimal cooling and air flow to keep your drives running at their best,
  • Large out-take cooling fans to enhance the air flow,
  • Screw-less and Tray-less designs to reduce maintenance times
  • and advanced drive monitoring with LED visual and audio indicators.
With ICY DOCK Internal Drive Cages you can build high density storage systems into existing computer hardware.

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