You can use our MSR DataLogger app to recall the real-time data of your wireless data loggers on your smartphone at any time.

The MSR145WD records temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration and light values via sensors and transfers them to the MSR SmartCloud by means of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The values are securely stored in the data logger and the cloud and can be recalled by the device of your choice at any time. This way you not only benefit from not having to go to the measuring site, but thanks to the alarm function of the MSR SmartCloud, you will also be notified immediately of any malfunctions. This enables you to respond before it is too late and any damage occurs.

Be it pharmacy refrigerator, cold store or museum display cabinet - wherever climatic changes have serious consequences, for instance the spoilage of goods or damage to exhibits, the monitoring and documentation of climatic values is indispensable. With the MSR145WD, you can check at any time whether the temperature and humidity specifications have been complied with.

The wireless logger is also predestined for measuring tasks in locations that are difficult to access. Due to its small format, it requires less space and is easy to install, for instance in order to record temperature, humidity and pressure patterns in prototypes or objects, which are not supposed to be opened for reading out the values. The BLE can be programmed to be activated for reading out the measured data at certain times. The installed memory, which is capable of storing over 1 million measured values, and the durable battery allow the user to take long-term measurements using the MSR145WD.

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