Interworld Electronics has release the HESP Series communications data line surge protectors from B&B Electronics. The HESP Series have been tested at 6kV to meet the IEEE 1000-4-5: 1995 and IEEE C62.41-1991 standards for premium surge protectors. Four models are available for RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial data protocols. The 485HESP protects three data lines while the 422HESP and the 232HESP provide protection for five data lines. All three models and are housed in a panel mount case. The HESP4DR provides RS-422/485 data protection and is housed in a DIN rail mountable case.

The HESP Series protects against lightning strikes, power surges, and other types of voltage disturbances with three stages of protection for each supported line. The first stage uses a gas discharge tube to clamp the data line voltage at 72 VDC. The second stage incorporates a series 2.7 Ohm resistor to provide a voltage drop while the third stage uses a Transient Voltage Suppresser (TVS) to clamp the line voltage to approximately 6.8 VDC. The clamping time is less than 5 nanoseconds. All RS-232/422/485 signals on the input and output terminal blocks are protected.

In order to work properly, it is important to have a good connection between the surge protector and a solid earth ground. The HESP Series protectors are housed in a tough metal, panel mount case with a protected signal ground connection and dedicated chassis ground lug. Two terminal posts and two metal mounting brackets provide excellent ground connections.

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