Interworld Electronics has released the SB-97-TP Ultra-Thin backlit keyboard. The SB-97-TP is one of the thinnest keyboards to date with a depth of only 12.25mm.

The SB-97-TP is fully sealed and meets IP65 specifications, making the SB-97-TP resistant to dirt, dust, water, ice and corrosives. Constructed in a lightweight ABS polycarbonate case with an industrial silicone rubber keypad, the SB-97-TP is easy to clean with disinfectants. An integrated Touchpad provides convenient mouse control for mobile applications. A USB interface allows the SB-97-TP to be used with all modern computer systems.

Featuring 97 keys with integrated green LED backlighting, the SB-97-TP is the ideal solution for low-light environments.

The SB- SB-97-TP is ideal for in-vehicle use, forklifts, material handling, medical cart solutions, food and beverage processing and other environments where rugged lightweight compact keyboard is a necessity.

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