Data centres require power source redundancy in order to ensure that critical services are always up and running. Many modern devices include internal redundant power supplies with primary and secondary power inlets. However, most Legacy devices can only be powered from a single power source. The PTS-4MM20-2R Automatic Power Transfer Switch provides redundant AC power switching for single corded devices.

The PTS-4MM20-2R provides two IEC-20 (20Amp) power inlets allowing the unit to automatically switch to a secondary, back-up power source in the event that the primary source fails. The PTS-4MM20-2R features four IEC-C19 (16Amp) power outlets providing constant power to critical infrastructure. The PTS-4MM20-2R is the latest addition to the PTC Series which also includes the PTS-4EE15-2F providing four IEC-C13 (10A) power outlets, the PTS-9CM20-2 providing nine outlets and the PTS-14CM20-2V providing 14 outlets. All models provide fast, reliable asynchronous power switching, LED indicators that show the active power source are easy to install and require minimal rack space.

Automatic transfer switches provide a simple, cost-effective way to add power fallback capabilities and power redundancy to single power inlet computing and network devices.

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