Interworld Electronics is pleased to announce the availability of the BPG8194 PCI Express 3.0 backplane from Trenton Technology. This graphics-class backplane is designed to support up to thirteen (13) PCI Express® 3.0 option cards.

The PCI Express 3.0 link design of the Trenton BPG8194 backplane supports PICMG 1.3 system host boards (SHBs) such as Trenton’s single processor THD8141 or dual-processor SHBs like the BXT7059 and HGT8205 . All I/O card slots are PCIe Gen3 capable and use PCIe x16 mechanical connectors. Eight of the PCIe card slots are driven with x16 PCIe Gen3 links and five are driven with x4 links. PCIe link retimers, PCIe Gen3 switches and robust backplane link routing maximizes data throughput speed and communication signal integrity between the SHB and the PCI Express option cards.

The BPG8194 is a 20-slot form factor backplane that provides one PICMG 1.3 (SHB Express) system host board slot and thirteen x16 physical size PCI express slots. In addition BPG8194 includes four USB 2.0 I/O connectors, two Ethernet ports, an ATX/EPS power terminal block and a number of right angle power and interface connectors.

Customers can now take full advantage of the high-speed, high-bandwidth, scalable PCI Express serial bus by migrating their diverse and demanding computing applications over to PCI Express. Scalable video wall controllers and graphic processing systems that support a large number of x16 PCI Express 3.0 video & graphics boards are typical applications for the Trenton BPG8194 backplane. The card support of the backplane enables video controller designs and GPGPU rackmount computers based on the latest x16 PCIe Gen3 boards that can grow and adapt to changing requirements without incurring significant system upgrade expenses.

Trenton's BPG8194 backplane uses the latest in PCI Express switch technology to provide a high slot count while maintaining the highest speed, lowest latency and most reliable PCI Express interfaces possible.

The BPG8194 backplane in combination with a Trenton system host board provides the ideal solution for today's demanding graphics intensive commercial, military and industrial computing applications.

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