Interworld Electronics has released the VOPEX-C5USBVA Series VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender from Network Technologies Incorporated (NTI). The VOPEX-C5USBVA allows up to eight remote users (8x keyboards, mice and VGA monitors) to access one USB Computer (PC, SUN, MAC) located up to 1000 feet (300 meters) from the user workstations using CAT5/5e/6 cables.

The VOPEX system consists of two components: the Local Splitter Unit, which connects to the host computer; and remote Workstation Units for each user. The units are interconnected by CAT5/5e/6 cables. Workstation Units support USB keyboard and mouse, VGA display and stereo audio. The optional VOPEX-C5USBVUA model support an additional USB 2.0 port for connecting USB touch screens, CAC card readers, interactive white boards or bar code scanners.

The VOPEX-C5USBVA Series Splitter supports monitor resolution up to 2048x1536 as well as DDC emulation and mixing to provide a table of resolutions that are common to each connected monitor. Other features include USB 2.0 compliant low and full speed standards, automatic video quality and colour skew adjustment and Plug-n-Play specifications. The VOPEX-C5USBVA is powered via 240VAC power adapters and can operate in temperatures ranging from 0C to 38C.

If you need to access one computer from multiple locations or require multiple users to enter data into the same application then the VOPEX-C5USBVA Series VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender is the ideal solution.

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