Vehicle Computing Systems and Embedded Controllers are exposed to large voltage fluctuations. Battery voltages are normally stable while the vehicle engine is running but will drop dramatically during a Cold Crank engine start. If the computing system is configured to start when accessory power is available then starting the engine may cause the computer to reset during its initial boot sequence. This will cause errors resulting in boot failure or even permanent damage. Similarly, switching off the ignition will cause immediate loss of power possibly resulting in data loss or corruption.

Purposely built vehicle computer power management systems typically provide Over Voltage and Under Voltage protection, Reverse Voltage protection, Load Dump protection and programmable Accessory Power ON/OFF delay times.

The AEV-6301VS from Aaeon is a compact rugged In-Vehicle Embedded Controller that provides all of these functions.

ACC ON Delay Minutes

The "ACC ON Delay Time" forces the power supply to will wait for 1~30 seconds (depending on the timing you set) before sending a signal to the motherboard’s ON/OFF switch to turn the AEV-6301VS on. This prevents boot failure due to cold crank voltage drop while energizing the engine starter-motor circuits.

ACC OFF Delay Minutes

The "ACC OFF Delay Time" forces the power supply will wait for 0~120 minutes (depending on the timing you set) before turning off the AEV-6301VS. During this period, you are also able to save any data and shut down the AEV-6312 manually.

Input Very Low Voltage Protection

If the input voltage is lower than the defined low voltage (8.8V ~9.2V @ 12V mode, 17.6V~18.4V @ 24V mode), then the power management system will initiate a shutdown sequence. Conversely, when the ACC input voltage is over 12/24 volts the power management system will restart the computer.

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