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Today's diverse application computing requirements demand much more than just a simple "one-size-fits-all" philosophy. Solution strategies need to meet an increasing difficult blend of critical factors; performance, size, cost, power usage, expendability, ruggedisation, maintainability, reliability etc.


Interworld Electronics offers PC solutions and related products to meet virtually any application requirement. With highly configurable rack mount solutions ranging from 1U to 6U form factors, as well as a rich set of powerful embedded PC alternatives, we can deliver off the shelf solutions for most application needs.


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Founded in 1989, Interworld Electronics offers a full range of highly reliable industrial rack mount and embedded computer solutions, data acquisition and communications hardware, audio visual distribution systems, call centre recording, data centre power and environmental monitoring equipment... more


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Our suppliers have been selected for their product innovation and commitment to Quality...more


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Interworld offers a minimum 12 Months warranty on all products sold. The majority of our products feature longer warranty periods...more


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