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  • Single-Zone Liquid Detection SystemSingle-Zone Liquid Detection System: The ENVIROMUX® Single-Zone Liquid Detection System monitors up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) of liquid/chemical detection sensor cable or an under carpet leak detection sensor. When the sensor detects a water or chemical leak, the system will notify you via a visual indicator (red LED) and an audible alarm.
  • Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections With Medical KeyboardsPreventing Hospital Acquired Infections With Medical Keyboards: The spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has made infection control a daily topic in the headline news. The prevalent use of computer technology in medical environments must be considered as a potential source for cross contamination, particularly input devices such as keyboards and mice that can harbor viral and bacterial contaminates.
  • High Density 128 Channel USB Analogue Input Output ModulesHigh Density 128 Channel USB Analogue Input Output Modules: The USB-AIO OEM Series is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install high-speed analogue inputs to any computer with a USB port. The USB-AIO OEM Series provides a 12-bit resolution A/D board set capable of speeds up to 500kHz and a maximum of 128 signal-conditioned differential analogue input channels.
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