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  • Low-Cost 8K 32.4Gbps DisplayPort 1.4 Active Optical CableLow-Cost 8K 32.4Gbps DisplayPort 1.4 Active Optical Cable: These Optical Fibre Active Cables can extend DisplayPort signals up to 100 metres from the video source. Using optical fibre, the DP8K-FO-xxM-MMLC provides high reliability DisplayPort signal transmission with zero signal loss in high noise environments.
  • Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections With Medical KeyboardsPreventing Hospital Acquired Infections With Medical Keyboards: The spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has made infection control a daily topic in the headline news. The prevalent use of computer technology in medical environments must be considered as a potential source for cross contamination, particularly input devices such as keyboards and mice that can harbor viral and bacterial contaminates.
  • Refrigerator or Freezer Temperature ProbeRefrigerator or Freezer Temperature Probe: The E-T1WGB-1M Temperature Sensor in Glycol-Filled Vial can be used to measure the actual temperature of the contents within the refrigerator/freezer rather than the ambient air temperature within the appliance
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