Vehicle and Rail Transport
Interworld Electronics has a range of Fanless and Waterproof Box and Panel PCs for use in dusty, high temperature, wet and high vibration environments.

We also supply a range of Sunlight Readable Monitors, Panel PCs with Day/Night displays and Mobile Mount Keyboards that are ideally suited to the transport industry.
  • Panel PCs (Vehicle Management)Panel PCs (Vehicle Management): Panel PCs (Vehicle Management)
  • Marine MonitorsMarine Monitors: High-performance, Rugged Touchscreen Monitors, specially engineered to survive in marine environments.
  • Mobile Mount Industrial KeyboardsMobile Mount: Mobile mount keyboards provide rear threaded mounting holes allowing the keyboards to be securely mounted.
  • Vehicle - Railway ControllersVehicle / Railway Controllers: In-Vehicle embedded controllers are designed to withstand the constant vibration present in heavy road and rail transport.
  • Fanless Embedded Box PCsFanless Box PCs: Small footprint PCs featuring: fanless operation, robust construction, low power requirements, high vibration / shock protection, wide operating temperature range and certificated embedded OS support.
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  • Collecting Data for Safe and Secure Transportation: In addition to logistical challenges, global routings for consignments also carry the risk of criminal activity. Sending a mini dataloggers along with the goods allows the circumstances surrounding damage to be reconstructed and cases of manipulation to be proven....

  • Reboot Remote Network Elements in Traffic and Transportation Applications: Network devices in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications have one thing in common: when they crash or fail, itís imperative that they be restored to running condition as quickly as possible....

  • Vehicle Computing System Power Management: Vehicle Computing Systems and Embedded Controllers are exposed to large voltage fluctuations. If the computing system is configured to start when accessory power is available then starting the engine may cause the computer to reset during its initial boot sequence....

  • Transparent Transport: During transportation, freight is subjected to a wide range of external influences that could lead to goods becoming damaged. The dataloggers manufactured by MSR Electronics GmbH provide seamless information about the transportation conditions of a shipment. The data recorded by these miniaturised measuring instruments serves not only to determine the cause of possible damage but also deliver findings that could help improve the design of the goods themselves....

  • The MSR Miniature Dataloggers are highly suited to a wide range of trnsport data collection and monitoring tasks
  • Railway Embedded Box PC: The AEV-6357VS is a high performance Railway Certified embedded PC features fanless operation, compact size and robust construction. The AEV-6357VS has passed extensive environmental testing and conforms to the EN50155 and EN45545 standards for electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • Railway Certified Embedded Control Computer: The AEV-6356 is a high performance Railway Certified standalone embedded PC featuring fanless operation, compact size, robust construction and low power requirements. The AEV-6356 has passed extensive environmental testing and conforms to the EN50155 and EN50125 standards for electronic equipment used on rolling stock.
  • Bluetooth Wireless iPad Mobile Keyboard: Interworld Electronics has released the BT-80 Series Bluetooth compatible wireless industrial keyboards. The iKey BT-80 Series are the first Lithium Ion rechargeable rugged keyboards designed for use with an Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablet computers.