Marine Computing
Marine And Mobile Computing products include: Marine Monitors and Panel PCs, Vehicle Controllers, Rugged Portable Systems and Mobile Mounting Industrial Keyboards
  • Marine Box PcsMarine Box Pcs: Marine Box Pcs are certified to international DNV standards
  • Sunlight Readable MonitorsSunlight Readable Monitors: Monitors with extremely high brightness. Luminance values as high as 1600nits. Ideal for applications where the monitor is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Marine MonitorsMarine Monitors: High-performance, Rugged Touchscreen Monitors, specially engineered to survive in marine environments.
  • Mobile Mount Industrial KeyboardsMobile Mount: Mobile mount keyboards provide rear threaded mounting holes allowing the keyboards to be securely mounted.
  • Panel PCs (Marine - Vehicle)Panel PCs (Marine / Vehicle): Marine Panel PCs and Vehicle Management Computers are designed to meet the harsh requirements of the transport industry
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  • Unlock the functionality and versatility of your Panasonic M1 tablet with iKey's Permanent Display Removable Tablet. It is the world's first display with a built-in dock designed exclusively for the Panasonic FZ-M1 Toughpad. Effectively perform on the job without limitation. The PDRT has a variety of unprecedented features that grant versatility on-the-go.
  • The SB-87-TP is one of our thinnest keyboards, measuring only half an inch deep. The SB-87-TP meets IP65 standards and is constructed out of industrial silicone rubber making it fully resistant to spills, cleaning with disinfectants, and the outside elements