Industrial I/O
Industrial I/O
Interworld's Industrial I/O Products include a wide range of Analogue and Digital I/O, Modbus Distributed I/O and Wireless I/O specifically designed for Industrial Data Aquisition and Control applications. In addition we also carry a range of Counter / Timers, Dataloggers and Motion Control boards.
  • Analogue I-OAnalogue I/O: Analogue Mutifunction I/O, Analogue Output and Signal Conditioning products.
  • Digital I-ODigital I/O: PCI, PCI Express (PCIe), USB, PC/104 and Pico-I/O Digital interface products.
  • MSR DataloggersMSR Dataloggers: MSR Mini Dataloggers provide internal temperature, humidity, pressure and 3-axis acceleration sensors. They also allow a range of external sensors to be connected.
  • Modbus Distributed I-OModbus Distributed I/O: Modbus data acquisition modules provide powerful digital, analog, and serial expansion for industrial control applications. Connect devices via wireless, Ethernet, USB, RS-485, or RS-232
  • Wireless I-O (900 MHz)Wireless I/O (900 MHz): Wireless Analogue and Digital I/O
  • Counter - TimersCounter / Timers: Counter / Timer cards can be programmed to generate time pulses, measure time periods, count events or measure frequency.
  • Motion ControlMotion Control: Motion Control boards allow the position and/or velocity of machines to be determined and controlled.
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  • Pico-I/O Data Acquisition Products: Our Pico-I/O modules are stackable, making them one of the most versatile I/O form factors currently available. Choose from a variety of models and options (including extended temperature) encompassing analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timer, and serial I/O configurations....

  • 8MHz 16-bit Arbitrary Analogue Waveform Output Generator: Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) generate user defined waveforms. Unlike function generators AWGs can generate any waveform shape at their output. The USB-AO-ARB1 features one single-ended analogue output on a standard female BNC connector supporting up to 8MHz of continuous transfers through a 32KByte (16K Sample) on-board FIFO.
  • Four Port Industrial Modbus Gateway: The MESR400 series Modbus Gateways bridge devices on Modbus serial networks (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) with those on Modbus TCP networks, allowing seamless integration
  • ETH-DIO Series 24 or 48 Line Ethernet Digital I/O: The ETH-DIO Series is designed for compact control and monitoring applications. The ETH-DIO Series provides the ideal solution for adding digital I/O to any Ethernet network.