Keyboards / Pointing Devices
Keyboards / Pointing Devices
Interworld supplies a wide range of Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices. Specialized products include: Intrinsically Safe, Military Standard, Medical, Rack Mount and Stainless Steel Keyboards and pointing devices.
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  • Designed to fit into existing mobile mounting systems, iKey has added a new model to the Transformer Keyboard line.
  • The IK-77-FSR from iKey is a mobile keyboard designed for efficient use in warehouse and factory environments.
  • The SB-87-TP is one of our thinnest keyboards, measuring only half an inch deep. The SB-87-TP meets IP65 standards and is constructed out of industrial silicone rubber making it fully resistant to spills, cleaning with disinfectants, and the outside elements
  • The SL-86-911-461 keyboard from iKey is the perfect keyboard solution for work around sensitive equipment.
  • This keyboard is designed to meet military standards and exceed NEMA 4X requirements. It survives drop tests from 2 meters to direct concrete and the cable strain relief exceeds 25 pounds pull limits. It's even fully submersible, meeting IP68 specifications.
  • iKey’s new FZ-G1 attachable Jumpseat keyboard is the first product on the market designed to snap onto the Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet, providing screen protection and a fully rugged on-the-go keyboard. The iKey FZ-G1 Jumpseat is a full QWERTY keyboard with integrated backlit keys.

    The FZ-G1 Jumpseat is fully sealed and resistant to the dirt, dust, and spills that can ruin most keyboards.