Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring protects your server rooms, data centers, telecom, healthcare, laboratories, cold storage other critical facilities by implementing climate and power monitoring. Get alert notifications via SNMP, E-mail, SMS and Voice call (Auto-dialer required) when measurements fall outside of specified thresholds.
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  • Secure Remote Power Control Units Secure Remote Power Control Units: The ENVIROMUX® IPDU Series Secure Remote Power Control Units allow you to remotely reboot and control up to eight servers or powered devices from any location via a secure web interface, RS232, SSH, or Telnet... more
  • New Single Wire Environmental Monitoring System New Single Wire Environmental Monitoring System: The ENVIROMUX-1W Environment Monitoring System features a 1-Wire Sensor Interface supporting 24 single reading sensors in any combination: temperature, humidity, dew point, thermocouple or digital inputs... more
  • Micro Environmental Monitoring System Micro Environmental Monitoring System: Ideal for small server installations the ENVIROMUX-MICRO Series can monitor critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, power, intrusion and smoke.... more
  • Environmental Monitoring System Management Software Environmental Monitoring System Management Software: The ENVIROMUX-MNG server environmental monitoring system management software provides an intuitive easy-to-use, unified graphical user interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 NTI ENVIROMUX units and all connected sensors... more
  • Huge Range of Sensors and Security Devices Huge Range of Sensors and Security Devices: Interworld carries a huge range of Sensors and Security devices specifically design to work with are range of NTI and Geist environmental monitoring systems.... more
  • Industrial High Temperature Environmental Monitoring System Industrial High Temperature Environmental Monitoring System: Network Technologies Inc. (NTI) have added the ENVIROMUX-5D-IND high temperature industrial environmental monitor to their popular medium sized ENVIROMUX-5D Advanced Server Environment Monitoring System.... more