Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring protects your server rooms, data centers, telecom, healthcare, laboratories, cold storage other critical facilities by implementing climate and power monitoring. Get alert notifications via SNMP, E-mail, SMS and Voice call (Auto-dialer required) when measurements fall outside of specified thresholds.
  • Media Releases for Environmental Monitoring
  • Secure Remote Power Control Units Secure Remote Power Control Units: The ENVIROMUX® IPDU Series Secure Remote Power Control Units allow you to remotely reboot and control up to eight servers or powered devices from any location via a secure web interface, RS232, SSH, or Telnet... more
  • New Single Wire Environmental Monitoring System New Single Wire Environmental Monitoring System: The ENVIROMUX-1W Environment Monitoring System features a 1-Wire Sensor Interface supporting 24 single reading sensors in any combination: temperature, humidity, dew point, thermocouple or digital inputs... more
  • Micro Environmental Monitoring System Micro Environmental Monitoring System: Ideal for small server installations the ENVIROMUX-MICRO Series can monitor critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, power, intrusion and smoke.... more
  • Environmental Monitoring System Management Software Environmental Monitoring System Management Software: The ENVIROMUX-MNG server environmental monitoring system management software provides an intuitive easy-to-use, unified graphical user interface for both monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 NTI ENVIROMUX units and all connected sensors... more
  • Huge Range of Sensors and Security Devices Huge Range of Sensors and Security Devices: Interworld carries a huge range of Sensors and Security devices specifically design to work with are range of NTI and Geist environmental monitoring systems.... more
  • Industrial High Temperature Environmental Monitoring System Industrial High Temperature Environmental Monitoring System: Network Technologies Inc. (NTI) have added the ENVIROMUX-5D-IND high temperature industrial environmental monitor to their popular medium sized ENVIROMUX-5D Advanced Server Environment Monitoring System.... more