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KVM Extenders / Splitters / Switches
KVM Extenders can extend your computers Keyboard, Video, Mouse and Audio signals up to 300M using copper wire or over 1000m using optical fibre. KVM Splitters allow a computer to be accessed from multiple locations. Single-User KVM Switches allow one user to control multiple computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. KVM Matrix Switches allow multiple users to individually command or simultaneously share many computers. CAT5 KVM Switches allow the users and the computers to located up to 300m from the KVM Switch controller.
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  • Remote DVI USB KVM Server Management Over IP Remote DVI USB KVM Server Management Over IP: The INTERM-KVMDUAIP lets you control one or more servers locally on site or remotely via the Internet using a standard browser... more
  • VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender: If you need to access one computer from multiple locations or require multiple users to enter data into the same application then the VOPEX-C5USBVA Series VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender is the ideal solution.... more
  • USB KVM Over IP Extender with HDMI, Audio, RS232 and IR Support USB KVM Over IP Extender with HDMI, Audio, RS232 and IR Support: The ST-IPUSBH-1G HDMI USB KVM over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR support from Network Technologies Inc. provides remote KVM (USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI monitor) access to a USB computer or HDMI source up to 330 feet over a Gigabit IP network.... more
  • Splitmux Video Multi-Viewer Splitmux Video Multi-Viewer: The SPLITMUX-DVI-4 Quad Screen Multi-viewer allows you to simultaneously display video from four different computers on a single monitor. Additionally, the SPLITMUX unit can switch one of the four attached computers to a shared keyboard and mouse for KVM Switch operation.... more
  • VGA + USB Extender with Support for Dual Head Video VGA + USB Extender with Support for Dual Head Video: The ST-C5USBVT Series Extenders extends four USB1.1 devices plus VGA video up to 200 feet (60m). Models with support for Dual Head Video, Stereo Audio and RS-232 Serial are available.... more
  • Keyboard, Video and Monitor (KVM) Extenders Keyboard, Video and Monitor (KVM) Extenders: Extend the reach of your Video Monitor, keyboard, mouse and audio up to 300m with one of Interworld’s KVM Extenders. Options include: Dual Access, USB and PS/2 support, optional Stereo Audio and Remote Touch Screen support.... more
  • KVM Switch Solutions: A guide to evaluating KVM Switches...
  • Protecting KVM and Video Extenders from Electromagnetic Noise: KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) extenders via CAT5 may be used to remove computers from harsh or sensitive environments. However, using a type of twisted pair cable that is unsuitable for your installation environment can lead to erratic keyboard or mouse performance, data loss, and picture quality degradation....