The SPLITMUX-SDVI Series Screen Splitter/Video Wall Processors allow you to simultaneously display and monitor video signals from up to four different computers or video sources on a single screen. Additionally, the SPLITMUX-SVDVI Series can work as a video wall processor, video scaler, PiP generator, and video switch.

The SPLITMUX-SDVI Accepts digital and analogue video inputs through a combination DVI/RGBHV/YPbPr connector and a combination S-Video/Composite connector. Both 2-Port and 4-Port models are available allowing multiple video sources to be displayed on a single screen. The SPLITMUX-SDVI supports video resolutions up to 1900x1200 and can de-interlace 1080i to 1080p. Depending on the model, the SPLITMUX-SDVI can operate in Dual, Tri and Quad Picture-in-Picture modes as well as Full Screen Display mode. Multiple images can also be rotated, stretched and cropped. The SPLITMUX-SDVI can be controlled through an IR remote control unit, front panel interface controls or via RS-232 serial commands.

Multiple units can be interconnected to create a video wall display with many as 32x32 screens. In video wall mode a SPLITMUX-SDVI is required to drive each display. A SPLITMUX-LOOP-KIT is required to loop multiple units together and to provide a single point of control.

The SPLITMUX-SDVI Series provides a flexible solution for digital signage, trade shows, retail displays, video conferencing and security applications.

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