Automated factories often have computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in the production line. These machines are connected on a single Ethernet-based network so that central planning and control is possible. Most of these machines use RS-232 serial communication interfaces. Dedicating a special ruggedized PC at each workstation is not only expensive, but it also means that an operator must go to that particular workstation to implement changes or troubleshoot problems. Using a Quatech Serial Device Server, each CNC machine can be connected to the factory's Network and each CNC can be remotely monitored and controlled. This means a single technician in a single location can oversee and service an entire factory. And, They can do it using a standard web browser, from anywhere on the planet, so long as they have access to an Internet-enabled computer. (Note that such a system can also be implemented on a private network or Intranet, and that Quatech Serial Device Servers provide security parameters that can be set to prevent unauthorized access to the system.)

For stations with one CNC, such as a painting station or a cutting station, a single port SSE-100D is an ideal choice. The SSE-100D is housed in a sturdy metal case and can be easily DIN-rail mounted. Simply connect the CNC to the device, and connect the device to the factory Network, and you now have a remotely accessible CNC. Any PC running the appropriate application software can control the CNC using a standard COM port just as it would if the CNC were connected to its physical serial port. The diagram below depicts a single port Serial Device Server implementation for CNC systems.

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