Interworld has released the VOPEX® Series HDTV splitters. The VOPEX® HDTV splitters are ideal for systems where high resolution YPbPr component video signals along with analogue or digital audio signals must be transmitted long distances to multiple displays and speakers.

The VOPEX® splitter/extender system consists of a local HDTV broadcast unit, which connects to the YPbPr component video device and also supplies audio/video to a local display and speakers, and a set of remote units, one for each remote display and speaker system. The remote units are connected to the broadcast unit via CAT5/5e/6 cable allowing the display to be located up to 600 feet from the video source.

Tthe VOPEX-C5HDA supports HDTV and Digital Audio and all HDTV formats from 480i (interlaced) to 1080p (progressive) with no image degradation.

The VOPEX® Series HDTV splitters are ideal for digital signage, movie theatre lobbies, point of purchase displays, conference centres, airports, and other applications that require multiple displays.

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