Interworld Electronics has released Quatech’s Multi-Protocol RS-422/485 and RS-232/422/485 Ethernet Serial Device Servers to expand the popular range of RS-232 Ethernet Serial Device Servers release in March 2003. These devices provide native serial ports via an Ethernet-based interface using a number of standard protocols including TCP/IP and HTTP.

Ethernet is the networking option of choice for a range of applications in industrial control, retail and banking. However most of these applications use RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial equipment that cannot be directly connected to a LAN/WAN.

Serial Device Servers bridge this gap by providing multiple serial ports that enumerate themselves as standard COM ports on a PC. They are then connected to an Ethernet network from where they can be remotely monitored and controlled. In addition, Quatech’s Serial Device Servers permit implementing standard serial equipment via Ethernet without rewriting any legacy application software.

Users with limited Windows expertise are able to easily install and configure these Serial Device Servers. This is because Quatech have streamlined these processes into a single, easy to use Wizard. This is unlike other similar devices on the market that require the user to go through a number of complex steps to operate them.

Quatech’s Serial Device Servers are powered by 32-bit integrated communication processors with on-board web servers that can be accessed remotely via a standard web browser. They are available in single port RS-232 and RS-422/485 configurations, dual port RS-232 configurations, four and eight port RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 multi-protocol configurations. The single port and Multi-Protocol models are supplied with DB9 connectors while the dual, four and eight port RS-232 models are available with either DB9 or RJ45 connectors.

They support many standard network protocols including UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, and ARP over 10BaseT and 100BaseT. Client driver support is provided for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Surge suppression options are also available for protection in rugged industrial environments.

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