Interworld Electronic has expanded its line of high-speed serial PC Cards (or PCMCIA Cards) by offering ruggedized cables on selected models. The permanently attached cable assures reliable communication between the PC Card and an attached serial device in demanding portable-computing environments, such as in-vehicle, off-road, factory, and backpack-based field data collection.

Serial PC cards are used to add serial ports to a laptop or embedded PC. Some applications require an especially secure and reliable connection -- one that survives jiggling, frequent movement, dust and dirt. Manufactured by Quatech, Inc. these new cards with fixed cables provide a secure connection plus asynchronous data communication speeds up to 921.6 kbps -- an eight-fold improvement over the 115.2 kbps provided by a typical, non-optimized serial port.

In a ruggedized PC Card, the data cable is directly attached to the circuit board, preventing vibration or movement from disturbing the connection. It is secured with a molded plastic connector that shields the connection from dust, moisture, and lateral stress. The fixed cable also prevents loose connections caused by the normal wear of the cable connector.

Initially, Quatech is offering ruggedized versions of three of its RS-232 PCMCIA products: single-port and dual-port asynchronous cards, and a single-port synchronous card. Each PC Card includes a cable terminating in one or two DB-9 connectors, except for the synchronous card, which terminates in a DB-25 cable.

These cards complement Quatech's existing line of standard PCMCIA products with detachable cables that include RS-232 and RS-422/485 asynchronous serial cards with up to four ports, and single port RS-232 and RS-422/485 synchronous serial cards.

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