Interworld Electronic is pleased to announce from ICS Advent the release of a faster, more versatile, four-port asynchronous serial communication board. The UC232PCI/4-85 can be configured for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 communications and supports data rates up to 460.8K bps.

The advanced UC232PCI/4-85 features full compatibility with standard 16C550 and 16C650 UARTs, but provides extraordinary 128-byte receive and transmit FIFOs for buffering. This buffering is extremely important when working with high-overhead operating systems such as Windows 2000, NT and Windows 98 (drivers supplied). The extra-deep FIFOs prevent data loss due to overrun and dramatically improve data throughput in all applications when using all four ports.

RS-232 compatibility allows for connection to devices with RS-232 electrical interfaces, such as modems, data-entry terminals and plotters. RS-422 provides excellent communications for long distance devices connections up to 4000ft, where noise immunity and high data integrity are essential. RS-485 is optimised for ‘Multi-Drop’ or ‘Party-line’ operations selecting data from multiple peripherals (as many as 31 devices can be connected on an RS-485 bus). When configured for RS-485, it has automated RTS control that allows the board to be plug and play under Windows applications.

Software examples and drivers are supplied for Windows NT and Windows 95/98/2000. These drivers allow the board to be “just another com port” in the system. The UC232PCI/4-85 also comes with manual and software CD which contains support for non-Microsoft OS such as LINUX and QNX.

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