The INTERM-KVMDUAIP DVI USB KVM over IP device lets you control one or more servers locally on site or remotely via the Internet using a standard browser. The INTERM-KVMDUAIP must be used in conjunction with a KVM switch to provide multiple-server access.
Because the INTERM-KVMDUAIP is not reliant on the Host Computer Operating System to provide a remote connection users can gain Boot Up or BIOS level access to systems for maintenance, support, or failure recovery over the Internet. Secure communication is provided via 1024-bit PKI authentication, 256-bit SSL data encryption, LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory authentication. In addition the device provides simultaneous access for multiple users.
Two DVI-I to VGA adapters are provided allowing the INTERM-KVMDUAIP to be connected to a DVI-I or VGA port on the host system and either a DVI or VGA monitor to be used as the local display. The INTERM-KVMDUAIP supports digital DVI resolutions to 2048x1152 and analogue VGA resolutions to 1920x1200. Video compression is automatically optimize according to the bandwidth availability network.
A 3.5mm stereo audio jack allows the host server audio to be remotely monitored. Hear audio notifications and alerts as if you are at the remote site. A built-in 2-port Ethernet hub allows other network devices to be connected and a dedicated USB port is provided for an optional WiFi dongle allowing access to wireless networks.
Windows and Java viewers allow cross-platform compatibility while the included Java-based software can manage an unlimited number of INTERM-KVMDUAIP devices.
With the INTERM-KVMDUAIP network administrators can manage servers around the world.

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