Extend USB over Ethernet with the UE204 USB over IP Server / four port USB Hub. The UE204 allows multiple PCs to interact with USB peripheral devices over your local area network. While multiple computers can access a USB device attached to the UE204 only one computer at a time can use the USB device.
The UE204 is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0 standards and supports USB2.0 speeds up to 480 Mbps. High speed USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet support allows you to use high bandwidth devices such as IP cameras as well as some isochronous devices.
The easy to use software allows for simple installation and easy setup. Simply load the free software onto your PC and it will locate the UE204 networked USB hub and allow you to use the attached USB devices as if they were connected to your local computer. USB peripherals can be shared without the need to move the device between computers.
The UE204 is a simple solution for accessing remote USB devices and is ideal for applications in which installing a local PC would be difficult or could create a security risk.

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