Take control of your serial devices with Vlinx™ VESR9xx Industrial Ethernet Serial Servers. If it has a Serial Port, it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere on your Ethernet LAN or WAN. Maintain maximum productivity without leaving your office. The easy to use Vlinx™ Manager software provides access to your device servers and serial ports directly from your desktop computer or laptop. Configure devices, upgrade firmware and monitor activity. Configuration changes can also be made using a web browser.

The VESR9xx Series includes single and dual port models with support for RS-232 and RS-422/485 protocols. Virtual com port drivers can be installed on workstations allowing applications to access the remote com ports or serial data can be sent directly to the device servers IP address. Paired mode is also available allowing data to be sent directly from one device server to another via the network.

VESR9xx Series device servers provide both DB9 serial connectors and screw terminal blocks for cable termination. The VESR92x series servers also feature an additional copper RJ45 port that allows you to connect another Ethernet device or PC workstation. This Pass-through port functions much like an unmanaged Ethernet switch.

If the Vlinx™ device server losses connectivity a manual reboot is not needed to restore communications. The Vlinx™ attempts to reconnect every five seconds until the connection is re-established. This heartbeat connectivity signal keeps the serial servers online. VESR9xx Series device servers are ultra-compact measuring only 12 x 8 x 3cm. Optional DIN rail mounting brackets are also available.

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